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phb1stedGriffon’s Landing is a small frontier way-station that has capitalised on its’ proximity to a site sacred to the worshippers of Helm.  This article covers the history, personalities, and plot hooks for using this way-station in your own game.  If you don’t use the Forgotten Realms as your setting, it’s a simple job to reskin the location to fit your needs.

Download: Griffon’s Landing [354 KB]


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phb1stedAfter The Warden’s Welcome (a tavern for your table), I received a request for a blacksmith to add to the village.  This post goes out to that reader (you know who you are) in the hopes that it’s useful for a lot of tables out there.  There aren’t any stats in the article so it can be used for any edition of (A)D&D.

I’m already working on the next instalment, Griffon’s Landing – a small outpost that has grown up around a remote pilgrimage site.

You can download Swords and Plowshares [113KB] today.


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phb1stedMost D&D games need a tavern.  Whether a local establishment that serves as a rough base of operations or even as the first friendly faces in a new locale, the tavern is an established part of the D&D experience.

The Warden’s Welcome was the home of adventurers in a champaign I ran in the Forgotten Realms about twenty years ago.  I thought it was time to write it up properly and share it with other gamers.  You’ll note that I don’t have any stats or rules in the article – so it’s just at home in a 1st-edition game as it is in D&D Next.

Hope you enjoy the first instalment of new gaming material for the new year.  Thanks especially to the kind artists who allowed me to reproduce their works – you’ll find links to their galleries in the article acknowledging their generosity.

Download: Warden’s Welcome [PDF  672KB]

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phb1stedReconnecting with gamers from old campaigns is an odd experience.  When I meet people I gamed with in the past, the interaction always works as though we saw each other last session – even if years have passed.   Recently, I looked up a friend who was a part of my gaming group about eight years ago.  The discussion turned to a module we’d written for a local con in 1999, that we’d both lost our copies, and that reconceptualising it would be great.

The result is BK1 Fear Itself, a short adventure for AD&D aimed at character levels 2-4.  It has all of the key components mapped out, but has enough leeway that a DM could put their own stamp onto the story.  There are some suggestions for scaling the module, and some points left deliberately vague so that your imagination can fill in the blanks.

The heroes in this process though are the folk who have either freely licenced their artwork, or have been kind enough to provide permission to me.  The artists at DeviantArt are not only highly talented, but also very generous – so drop by their galleries and leave some feedback.  They certainly deserve it.

Next fortnight will be a foray into the World of Darkness once again, so until then – game hard!

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phb1stedThe idea of the Wizard who value the Art above all else is an enduring archetype across fantasy stories, and one that I wanted to put a slight twist on in my game.  I recently found notes from an old campaign that included an idea of a Wizard who was able to cheat death without actually meaning to, and the effects that it had on his obsession with magic.  At about the same time, I discovered Vampire: the Masquerade Second Edition, so the notion of declining humanity was a new concept to explore and my Ravenloft games were never quite the same again.

This week you can download an NPC with some ‘Side Trek’ ideas for your own home game.

Until next time, game hard!

Download: Living spellbook [589KB]

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