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puppetry_sigilFollowing the earlier Platform Twenty-Six-Seven article, Rose and BK turn their attention to designing carriages for the Midnight Express.  Some general design principles are covered, and then three new carriages are given the old World of Darkness treatment.

Download: web-enhancement-oncoming-train-part-two [404KB]


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puppetry_sigilDay three of the ‘Week of Darkness’ and it’s time for some Wraith goodness!

Back in Episode 25 of the Midnight Express Podcast, Rose and I reviewed ‘Midnight Express’, a sourcebook for Wraith: the Oblivion.  In part one of the web enhancement for the episode, Platform Twenty-Six-Seven is outlined for use in your chronicle.  The article presents a history of the platform, and Hierarchy control; as well as a small host of NPCs for your game.

Part Two will outline some extra carriages for the train.

Download here: web-enhancement-wraith-station-part-1 [404KB]

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WEG_SWThis fortnight is a reformatted adventure I wrote for a local con in 1999, and marks the first that I’ll be offering under the header of Main Course Modules.

It’s Worse‘ is an undercover adventure designed for four to six Rebellion-aligned characters featuring crime lords, music, and a possible new Imperial super-weapon.

The idea is very simple; I provide a module that is the main course for your gaming table, but how you enter it (entree) and exit (dessert) is up to individual Gamesmasters.  The modules will generally have enough information to run as a single nights’ entertainment, but you might like to revise and expand to get a much longer play experience.  Pre-generated characters are not included with this module, but I’ll consider adding them to subsequent releases.

As always, if you run this and have any feedback, drop me a line.

Module Download [PDF: 144KB]: Its_Worse_AdrianBK

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