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I’ve taken stock of the blog and I’ll be refocusing some of my efforts in 2014.  I spent a lot of time over the holidays reading through the books on my shelf and realised that there are four systems that get me very excited about gaming in general.  They are AD&D, WEG Star Wars D6, Shadowrun, and the old (or classic) World of Darkness.

I have a lot of notes from the years of playing these systems, so I’ll spend this year writing them up and sharing with the gaming community.  I’d really like to see if these ideas are transferable, and if people see value to this work.  Moreso, I want to see how ideas are repurposed and evolve through use.  We’re all creative people at heart, and I’m sure the community will do great things with this content.

So, starting tomorrow, I’ll be releasing my first fortnightly offering.  I’ll Categorise each entry for ease of use, as I appreciate most folk will probably only want one or two of these systems.

At the end of the year, I’ll gather up all of the PDFs and release an annual for each system.  Check back here every second Friday, and also watch my posts (+Adrian BK on G+).

Join me tomorrow for ‘C3RO: Jedi-powered droid‘ an NPC with storyhooks for WEG D6 Star Wars.


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