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WEG_SWOne of the most memorable moments in Star Wars is the speeder chase through the Endor forest and I can’t recall how many times I’ve replicated that scene in some way.  The thrill of the chase, the excitement of repulsor-mounted combat and the sheer danger presented by speed makes it fit perfectly into a role-playing module.  We all know that if Luke fails, then the Empire will learn of the Rebel plan.  When he loses Leia, it creates an additional plot point.  It’s a good scene because it sets the price of failure whilst at the same time creating more scenes in the story.

In this article, I explore how to set up a good chase scene and also offer a random table of chase complications for your table.

Download the article: Speeders & Side-streets [PDF 168KB]


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WEG_SWIn a previous post, we met C2-RO – a driod who survived the assault on the Jedi Temple during the execution of Order 66.  He’s unfortunate enough to have a Jedi Holocron is his head, messing with his personality and dragging him into adventure (‘exciting is hardly the word I’d use!‘).  This week, we learn the fate of the young Padawan who entrusted C2 with the Holocron and the her personal Dark Times.  In this article is a brief history of Ran, a full character sheet, and story hooks for your game.

Until next time, game hard!

Download: Rani

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WEG_SWThis fortnight is a reformatted adventure I wrote for a local con in 1999, and marks the first that I’ll be offering under the header of Main Course Modules.

It’s Worse‘ is an undercover adventure designed for four to six Rebellion-aligned characters featuring crime lords, music, and a possible new Imperial super-weapon.

The idea is very simple; I provide a module that is the main course for your gaming table, but how you enter it (entree) and exit (dessert) is up to individual Gamesmasters.  The modules will generally have enough information to run as a single nights’ entertainment, but you might like to revise and expand to get a much longer play experience.  Pre-generated characters are not included with this module, but I’ll consider adding them to subsequent releases.

As always, if you run this and have any feedback, drop me a line.

Module Download [PDF: 144KB]: Its_Worse_AdrianBK

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WEG_SWRegular readers will have noticed that I take any opportunities to use cards at the gaming table – whether as character or plot builders, or simply to keep track of items, spells and skills.  When I first started playing D6 Star Wars, I had a hand-written set of Force Powers and Equipment cards, run off on the school photocopier.  They were flimsy, but they served a purpose, and made one rulebook shared between seven people a lot easier.

I’ve since spent some time converting my hand written cards (my players always complained about my hand-writing and abbreviations).  Attached to this post, you’ll find a brand new set in PDF, covering fifty-seven powers.  My intent is to share a resource from my table, and hopefully you get some use out of the cards.

Bear in mind that these are to be considered a beta release, so do post your advice.  Also, if I’ve missed any really important powers, send me a list and I’ll add them to a future release.

So, until next fortnight – may the Force (cards) be with you!

Force Powers Cards [Download 160KB]

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WEG_SWThe first offering for the year is C2-RO, an extremely efficient Protocol Droid who is suffering from an odd case of personality rewiring.  In his original form, C2 was in a ‘Tales of the Jedi‘ campaign and was constructed with a Jedi holocron in place of his normal memory chips.  I re-purposed him for a campaign I was to run a few years back; sadly the game never started. Perhaps this droid can find a home in one of your campaigns when you download him here: C2RO.

May all your Wild Die’s be 6’s.

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